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   The Executive Director of HAVEN MINISTRIES is Dr. Alan E. Gell.  Dr. Gell has a Bachelor of Theology degree from Ohio Christian College, an Associates of Arts from San Antonio College, a B.B.A. in Accounting from Texas State University, and a doctorate(Lh.D) from Alabama Bible College. His expertise in the outdoors is extensive.
  Dr. Gell is a long-time member and leader with the Boy Scouts of America, including completion of the BSA Nat'l Training School, Philmont Scout Ranch, Woodbadge, Order of the Arrow, and more.  He also has been a part of the Royal  Ranger scouting program, founded by the Assemblies of God.  In the Royal Rangers, he has been a world-reknown leader, instructor, and staff member at leadership camps in North America, Central America, and Europe. He was instrumental in much of the early foundations of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship and the Eagle Rock National Camping Center.
Dr. Gell has served on the adjunct faculty as a professor for CFNI (Christ For the Nations Institute) and Northlake College (Dallas Community Colleges, Las Colinas).  In addition, he has conducted extensive seminars and conferences and is in regular demand as a speaker and conference facilitator. He retired from the U.S. Army as a Lt.Colonel.

Judy Gell attended the University of California - Davis and earned an Associates of Arts degree from San Antonio College.  She is a Certified Master Gardener, recognized by the Texas A and M Extension Service.  She studied and rode horses as a teenager in Carmel Valley and has an unusual ability to communicate with animals.  Judy is also widely recognized for her home-style cooking, having won numerous awards and prizes at the State Fair of Texas Creative Arts competition as well as community baking & cooking competitions.

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Other Board Members and helpers at Mallard Haven have specialized expertiese and backgrounds that provide a balance of contributions of their time, energy, and finances.

When you visit MALLARD HAVEN, whether it is for a day, a weekend, or a week, the staff is able and willing to help make your stay a special time of rest and relaxation.

  Generally, it is recommended that your time be spent in quietness, walking, reading, thinking, and  like-mannered time. We do NOT recommend that you pre-structure your time or plan for activities that are noisy, boistrous,  or physically challenging.   Come experience a time of spiritual reflexation and rest.  Bring yourself, spouse, family, or friends.  A limited number of guests are accepted at any one time.  Cabin or camping is available.